Branding Shift

Creating demand for b2b companies

Branding Shift

Supporting B2b companies shift their potential customers into actual buyers.Discover our step-by-step process.

Build ICP list

Produce initial list of your ideal customer profile based on your data points, target market & offers.We can review and decide to eliminate who are not ideal fit.

the foundation

The Action Steps

Start Customer Cold Outreach

1. Create a new sending email domain and add 1-3 users, including warm-up inbox for 1-2 weeks.2. We start sending 50 personalized cold outreach emails, key messages and tweak as we go.3. Upload documents, URL Links, Whitepapers to be sent to your ICP once shown enough interest.

The Magic Happens

Show Up & Deliver

4. Build a single landing page + meeting scheduler with automated follow-ups5. During the proposal stage, if you require us to send follow-up emails after your meeting, that could be arrange as well.

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We streamline the lead generation process from sequences, to workflow. Branding Shift makes it easy for you.

Branding Shift

Creating demand for b2b companies


You present and deliver your offers, while we do the boring stuff, saving you minimum 10hrs a week on prospecting and attracting your ideal clients.

Branding Shift

People do business with people whom they like and trust.

We ghostwrite for Founders, CEOs and execs to build their reputation, expand relationships and generate revenue by attracting their ICP / Dream clients.

Attention is the new oil

Putting your name out there is not rocket science.But it involves a deep understanding of human psychology and data analysis.Capture attention through our proven content strategy.Turn attention into conversation.Effectively open conversations that build trust, credibility and empower stakeholders to make the right decision.Do you have a system to consistently capture attention, attract clients gain market share?The key to winning in the digital age no one wants to talk about...Nurture 95% who are not ready to buy today,
To gain a bigger piece of the pie tomorrow.

Why Branding Shift?

OKRs and KPI Driven

Let’s face it there are ton of linkedin gurus who’ll promise you the world but delivers it in atlas.Most people don’t understand that building a brand is more than- Winning Awards
- Being featured on Forbes
- Rubbing shoulders with the Bezos, Musks, Bransons of their industry
- Chasing the wrong metrics which is virality and followers
With Branding Shift- We study your ideal customer profile
- Find content gap
- Use proven frameworks that captures and retain attention
- Get desired outcomes

The Magic Happens

Save Time

Remove the guesswork of doing it yourself or your inhouse marketing.We live and breathe LinkedIn, we’re upto date on the best practices, and tried-and-tested system that works to generate the results you wanted.

Ease of Support

Our approach is transparent, we utilize every tools in our arsenal to reach your business goal from Proven Content Strategy, Copywriting, Podcast & Guesting, Thoughtleadership we bring decades of experience to cut through the noise while cutting down your cost.

Personal Branding Package

Industry Leader

Build a winning profile to demand attention from your stakeholdersYour profile build - storytelling, unique angles and core expertiseCustomer journey roadmapContent Strategy - Using different content paths to deliver message a thousand waysIdea Generation - How now to runout of fresh ideas for your contentAudience Building - Capture attention and build your raving fans who will be your brand ambassadorsContent Deliverables and Data Reporting for 3months

$3,799 One time

The Magic Happens

LinkedIn Profile Rebrand

Build a winning profile end-to-end that demand attention from your stakeholders.

$899 One time

Linkedin Ghostwriting

- 3 post per week (12 post per month)
- LinkedIn Engagement Strategy
- SHIELD analytics
- Audience | ICP Roadmap for maximum outcomes
- Monthly data reporting
- Support via Email, Slack, Whatsapp

Normal $2,499

$1,499 / Month

Reach out if you’re too busy to manage your brand on LinkedIn.

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